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He has been commissioned by a number of schools throughout British Columbia for new jazz and wind ensemble music.

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As a jazz composer, he has worked with notable players including Eli Bennett, Brad Turner, Derry Bryne, Ellen Marple, and Steve Kaldestad, and has been commissioned by a number of professional ensembles including Brazz and Northwest Notables. He founded and directs the 45th Ave Jazz Band, a piece jazz orchestra that exclusively performs his compositions.

His works have been featured on recital programs throughout Canada and the US, and his music was featured as part of the Jean Coulthard Readings, presented by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. When not composing, Jaelem is pursuing a parallel career as an orchestral conductor. He was recently named the assistant conductor of the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, and has pursued his conducting studies at a number of professional masterclasses as a participant.

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More filters. Sort order. Barbara Waugh is a British literary agent, wheeling and dealing book auctions. Nine years ago her four-year-old daughter Angela was kidnapped.

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Now in the power of a Satanic cult called ""The Nameless""she will be initiated into the cult's worst practices when she reaches her 13th birthday. Helping Barbara in her quest is a book sale hungry reporter named Gerry Martin, who poses as a derelict in order to infiltrate the cult. Much of the violence happens off stage. Nov 14, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror.

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What a nailbiting and eerie book! Barbara Waugh's daughter was kidnapped and presumably killed when being 4 years old. Now Barbara Waugh receives calls from her daughter. Is it really her? Who was killed back then? Was her daughter abducted by a sinister sect that calls itself 'the nameless'? A parent tries to find if her daughter's still alive. Quick paced story with a nasty twist at the end.

Absolutely recommended. A Campbell classsic you shouldn't miss! View 2 comments.

Well, this was disturbing. The Nameless introduces us to literary agent, Barbara Waugh.

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Barbara's only child, Angela was murdered 9 years ago, and she is trying to move on from that trauma as best she can. Then, one night, the phone rings. It's Angela. She's alive and she wants her mommy to come find her. Not bad but, not great. I didn't so, I wasn't too invested in their outcome.

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Yet another book that Well, this was disturbing. Yet another book that suffers from awesome-snippets-of-horror-crappy-story syndrome. Yes, that's a thing. Okay, this is bleak. Dark, gloomy and depressing from the outset, especially if, like me, you have a young daughter. It is doubtless every parent's nightmare that they might lose their child, especially if they were brutally murdered. But could there be a worse fate than that? What if they were actually kidnapped by a secretive and sadistic cult? Years after you thought that were dead they were instead being initiated into unspeakable rites of violence and torture for this shadowy organisation?

B Okay, this is bleak. Becoming, perhaps, a mere tool of a malevolent and nameless force of nature seeking only to express its own wicked vision? The imagery is persistently dirty and grey. City noise constantly threatens to overwhelm the character's hearing when they need it most. Urban decay pervades almost every passage of the narrative.

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A sense of horror, despair and helplessness pervade throughout as the protagonist moves inexorably towards her inevitable doom. It all adds up to what one could not possibly call a pleasant reading experience and yet one cannot deny that it was superbly effective and well done. I think Campbell pretty well achieved what he set out to do here. The inevitable comparisons with Stephen King abound in the cover blurb but I just don't see it.

I think Campbell's is far less accessible, far more abrasive, than King's. Campbell is also more subtle although I think he honed his powers in this regard later on in his career. Still a powerful and effective horror story if you don't mind the inherently grim subject matter. Hmm, I don't mind ambiguity, in fact I actively encourage it because it gets you thinking but when things are mentioned but have very little expansion it can be aggravating especially when a story starts off interesting and books you from the off I think this is one of his best, involving a very nasty cult, a mother searching for her missing daughter, and a house no one in their right mind would want to go in to.

On Atmospherics alone Campbell's strength , this might be a 5 star book. It was made into a movie -- though I don't remember being all that crazy about it. Rather bleak even for a novel by this author, this deals with the plight of literary agent, Barbara, whose husband was killed while working abroad. His death brought on labour, but she and her daughter survived and all seemed well, until she decided to go back to work in London - and her daughter was snatched from nursery while in the care of others. The woman running the nursery fetches a psychic round against Barbara's wishes while the police are still searching, and the woman has just told Ba Rather bleak even for a novel by this author, this deals with the plight of literary agent, Barbara, whose husband was killed while working abroad.

The woman running the nursery fetches a psychic round against Barbara's wishes while the police are still searching, and the woman has just told Barbara that her daughter is gifted but those who have her must be prevented from corrupting that, when a policeman arrives.

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A child's body, which cannot be identified due to gunshot wounds, has been found. The book was written in the late s or so, therefore there is no DNA testing which could perhaps prove otherwise. Nine years later Barbara is trying to rebuild her life and has a tenuous relationship with a man who is divorced but trying to see his daughter despite the mother's opposition, when she starts to receive phone calls from a girl who claims to be her daughter, who would be around And so starts a wild goose chase where Barbara is sent from place to place, even to Scotland, in order to meet her daughter who somehow is never at the hinted at locations.

Meanwhile, others who are drawn into Barbara's quest find they have a very short life expectancy.

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The book begins with a prologue where a man visits a murderer on death row in the s, posing as a psychiatrist, in order to question him on why he carried out a barbaric torture and murder of his victim. Eventually it is revealed that this man was the founder of a cult, one built on the idea of torture and murder in order to somehow feed a force from beyond.

The atmosphere of the story is well conveyed: urban decay, noise pollution, filth and rubbish abound and are well evoked. The cult thrives in such settings. However the ending is distinctly weak: I found it unconvincing firstly that view spoiler [the dead father manages to manifest to his daughter in time to reawaken her conscience when he has failed to do so for the past 9 years hide spoiler ] and secondly view spoiler [ that the daughter does completely change her mind so conveniently and spectacularly hide spoiler ].

So on balance I can only rate this as an 'OK' at 2 stars. Sep 14, Claire rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-faves , favourite-horror. I managed to track down this old Ramsey Campbell from a second hand seller on Amazon and wow, what a gift it was. Oh but it does. I was on tenterhooks. Staying up late reading and then feeling uneasy in the dark and quiet.

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Dec 01, Charles Dee Mitchell rated it it was ok Shelves: horror. For at least half of this book, I enjoyed the leisurely pacing, and the vagueness of whatever worldwide, horrific movement was taking place. Campbell, however, has a problem paying things off. The book opens in with a death row scene featuring a man posing as a psychiatrist and an inmate who struggles to explain why he had to return years later to finish torturing a woman he almost killed at his first attempt.

Thirty years later, a woman in England learns For at least half of this book, I enjoyed the leisurely pacing, and the vagueness of whatever worldwide, horrific movement was taking place. Thirty years later, a woman in England learns both that her husband has died in Saudi Arabia and that her pre-school-age daughter has been stolen from her school. Ten years later this same woman gets a phone call from her daughter.

There are other missing children, a traumatized teenager who has escaped from a cult, and --what Campbell does best -- a range of characters drawn from the London literary scene of the 's, a scruffy underground newspaper where the editor hasn't quite lost his Oxford accent, and an array of policemen and wait staff from London to Glasgow.

There are a couple of scary bits, but if the cult is of "The Nameless" most of what they do and the supernatural elements they employed remain simply "the inadequately explained.