The Aliens Are Coming! (Star Trek: The Original Series)

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They also modify the ship's engines. We're back at the galactic barrier first seen in the 2nd pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - and through it.

We may have only seen them once, but they made the most of their limited time.

Then most the crew are turned into small weightless tetrahedron-like blocks. When I first saw this as a kid, a genuine chill ran thru me when one these blocks was crushed to dust, thereby killing a crew member in a rather horrifying manner.

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This was super-science employed as a war tactic, as an instrument of terror. This was alien invasion thrills and chills, no doubt, and these Kelvans seemed a step up from the usual baddies encountered on the original show Klingons, Romulans, etc. But then, as was customary with many episodes after the first season, a grim tone changes to a playful one in the 2nd half of the episode. Then we get games of seduction and inebriation, of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty using their wits rather than their brawn, though in a manner befitting a Marx Brothers comedy instead of a sf adventure.

It's still entertaining, sure, but I would have preferred some payback for that first half of terror, and the episode is rather uneven as a result of the precious ploys.

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The sugary ending is so cloying, so convenient, I usually need a shot of Scotch to get rid of the taste. On the plus side, Kelinda Bouchet is probably the sexiest alien we see on the original show and Kirk's super-stud status was assured with this episode. Scotty has the best scenes - it's green, indeed - and rumors of his alcoholism might have started here.

50. Arcturian

And those images of the Enterprise zooming towards another galaxy stay in the mind for awhile. This imagery was repeated in the 3rd season's "Day of the Dove. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Star Trek — Rate This. Season 2 Episode All Episodes Galactic alien scouts capture the Enterprise for a return voyage and a prelude to invasion. Kirk's one advantage - they're not used to their adopted human form.

Director: Marc Daniels. Writers: Gene Roddenberry created by , D. Star Trek Season 2. Star Trek TOS. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: William Shatner Kirk Leonard Nimoy Spock DeForest Kelley McCoy Warren Stevens Rojan Barbara Bouchet Kelinda James Doohan Scott Nichelle Nichols From The Original Series to The Animated Series , to The Next Generation , to Deep Space Nine , the Delta Quadrant and Voyager , to the early adventures of Enterprise , to the modern day films, Star Trek has gifted fans with unforgettable species after species as the five-year mission has turned into five decades of first contact.

There have been vile races bred for combat, omnipotent races that use humankind as puppets, and even a bunch of cute little furry things. Star Trek just keeps on delivering the cool aliens show after show, film after film. Just imagine the species that will soon be coming to Star Trek: Discovery!

But now is the time to celebrate the past as we present the fifty coolest Star Trek aliens ever to appear in films or TV. Star Trek costume crafters extraordinaire Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher came up with a rich history for the Arcturian. While never seen on screen, there are legions of these guys running around, just waiting to be sent to some hostile planet to go to war. Arcturians also appeared in the Star Trek daily comic strip and their back story continues to stand as a great example of the vast richness of the Star Trek galaxy, a place where billions of stories exist at all times.

Edosians are a tripedal species and are skilled at using their three arms and three legs in navigation and piloting. Lieutenant Arex, the loyal Enterprise navigator that first appeared in Star Trek: The Animated Series , is a proud member of the Edosian species and was a recurring character during this era of animated Trek.

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Arex popped up in comics and novels and took his place of honor among the original crew. Arex also was a character that fully utilized animation as the six limbs and distinct alien features of this character would have been impossible to pull off in live-action back in the day. The Excalbians are a silicon based life form that possessed the ability to shape shift. These rock beings, who honestly looked like something Steve Ditko would have designed for Doctor Strange, were fascinated by the human notion of good and evil.

So they did what anyone would do in the same situation: they made a recreation of Abraham Lincoln and teamed it with Kirk, Spock, and famous Vulcan goodie-good Surak and sent them up against four representatives of evil — Kahless the Unforgettable of Qo'noS, Genghis Khan, Colonel Green of Earth and Dr. Zora of Tiburon.

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  • How's that for a traditional Survivor Series match? For this wonderful bit of schlock and for making us believe that Ben Grimm could work in live action in , we salute the ever curious Excalbians. Now, I would like to talk about how cool the Caitians were. But then I read that the alien twins that Kirk hooked up with in the first Abramsverse film were confirmed to be Caitian and everything just stirs up again and I fell absolved of all responsibility.

    So this race is a purr-fect addition to our list. Did the Enterprise come equipped with a giant litter box? Okay, I need to stop now; this is going to some bad places. The Bolians have been a perennial background species since their first Trek appearance in The first Bolian fans witnesses aboard the Enterprise was an ambassador, but many other Bolians have appeared around the Trek verse since.

    They have been seen as barbers, manicurists, Federation troops, and high ranking officials. Bolians are distinctive due to their blue skin and their ridge that bisects their anatomy. They are highly friendly individuals and compassionate.