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Interface Language. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Press6tron Start date Dec 16, Press6tron Member France. Since the day I've read the word "ne'er-do-well" in my dictionnary, I've always ask myself if the word "nerd" or "nurd" was some kind of diminutive of it? Can somebody shine a light on the subject? I've never thought about a possible relationship between "ne'er-do-well" and "nerd. I've never really minded being considered a nerd.

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I am in no way a "ne'er-do-well," however. It's an interesting idea. They both seem to be of Scottish origin, if you rely on the citations in the OED. The only problem is that they refer to such entirely different classes of individual.

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It's a clever bit of folk etymology but I don't think it will get you anywhere. The GandCrab identity on Exploit[. The following month, GandCrab bragged that the program in July netted almost , victims and extorted more than one million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, much of which went to affiliates who helped to spread the infections. Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab estimated that by the time the program ceased operations, GandCrab accounted for up to half of the global ransomware market.

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  • It remains unclear how many individuals were active in the core GandCrab malware development team. But KrebsOnSecurity located a number of clues that point to the real-life identity of a Russian man who appears to have been put in charge of recruiting new affiliates for the program.

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    In November , a GandCrab affiliate posted a screenshot on the Exploit[. Oneiilk2 also was a successful GandCrab affiliate in his own right. In May , he could be seen in multiple Exploit[. At the same time, Oneiilk2 can be seen on Exploit asking for help figuring out how to craft a convincing malware lure using the Korean alphabet. Later in the month, Oneiilk2 says he no longer needs assistance on that request.

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    Just a few weeks later, security firms began warning that attackers were staging a spam campaign to target South Korean businesses with version 4. Earlier this month, Google disclosed that a supply chain attack by one of its vendors resulted in malicious software being pre-installed on millions of new budget Android devices. More searching points to a Yehuo user on gamerbbs[.

    Research on blazefire[.

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    Two of those domains registered to tosaka gmail. Triada is the very same malicious software Google said was found pre-installed on many of its devices and being used to install spam apps that display ads. In July , Russian antivirus vendor Dr. Web published research showing that Triada had been installed by default on at least four low-cost Android models.

    In , Dr. Web expanded its research when it discovered the Triada malware installed on 40 different models of Android devices.

    At least another five of the domains registered to tosaka gmail. Section 7 of CASL deals with the alteration of transmission data, including botnet activity. Section 8 involves the surreptitious installation of computer programs on computers or networks including malware and spyware. And Section 9 prohibits an individual or organization from aiding, inducing, procuring or causing to be procured the doing of any of the above acts. The administrator of the hacking community Raidforums on May 16 posted the database of passwords, email addresses, IP addresses and private messages of more than , users of Ogusers[.

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    The database, a copy of which was obtained by KrebsOnSecurity, appears to hold the usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, private messages and IP address at the time of registration for approximately , users although many of these nicknames are likely the same people using different aliases. The indictments unsealed in a Pennsylvania court this week stem from a slew of cyber heists carried out between October and December Prosecutors say Nikolov, a.

    The malware was dubbed GozNym because it combines the stealth of a previous malware strain called Nymaim with the capabilities of the powerful Gozi banking trojan. The feds say the ringleader of the group was Alexander Konovolov , 35, of Tbilisi, Georgia, who controlled more than 41, victim computers infected with GozNym and recruited various other members of the cybercrime team. Vladimir Gorin , a. The indictment alleges year-old Eduard Malancini , a.

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    • One of those alleged mule managers — Farkhad Rauf Ogly Manokhim a. The malicious links referenced in those spam emails were served via the Avalanche bulletproof hosting service , a distributed, cloud-hosting network that for seven years was rented out to hundreds of fraudsters for use in launching malware and phishing attacks. The alleged administrator of the Avalanche bulletproof network — year-old Gennady Kapkanov from Poltova, Ukraine — has eluded justice in prior scrapes with the law: During the Avalanche takedown in Dec.

      In the early days of the Internet, there was a period when Internet Protocol version 4 IPv4 addresses e. But these days companies are queuing up to obtain new IP space from the various regional registries that periodically dole out the prized digits. On May 14, South Carolina U.

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      That is, unless Micfo agreed to provide more information about its operations and customers. At the time, many of the IP address blocks assigned to Micfo had been freshly resold to spammers. But by virtue of the contract Micfo signed with ARIN, any further dispute had to be settled via arbitration. According to the criminal indictment in South Carolina, in and Golestan sold IP addresses using a third party broker:. From there, the attackers simply start requesting password reset links via text message for a variety of accounts tied to the hijacked phone number.

      Six of those charged this week in Michigan federal court were alleged to have been members of The Community of serial SIM swappers. They face a fifteen count indictment, including charges of wire fraud, conspiracy and aggravated identity theft a charge that carries a mandatory two-year sentence. Several of those charged have been mentioned by this blog previously.