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They attempt not just the explorations of particular imaginary people and places, but also the illumination of epochs, communities, of the nation itself. America is not only their setting but also their subject. The existence of Afrocentric feminist thought suggests there is always a choice, and power to act, no matter how bleak the situation may appear to be. Viewing the world as one in the making raises the issue of individual responsibility for bringing about change. It also shows that while individual empowerment is the key, only collective action can effectively generate lasting social transformation of political and economic institutions.

Issues of power and powerlessness, choice and accountability; ownership of property, self, and others; individual action vs. The Compromise allowed for California to join the Union as a free state; the organization of Utah and New Mexico territories without reference to slavery the populations would decide for themselves when they sought admission to the Union as states ; the prohibition of the slave trade in Washington, DC; and, most important to the plot of Beloved, stricter fugitive slave laws.

The Fugitive Slave Bill stated that captured runaways could be returned to their owners, regardless of where they were captured North or South. Furthermore, in court, only masters could testify; enslaved peoples were symbolically voiceless.

Lesson on Margaret Garner: The Inspiration Behind Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”

Louis in after living for 12 years in Illinois and Wisconsin free states with their owner. The Supreme Court decides that the Scotts should remain enslaved. While they granted basic civil rights the right to legally marry, the right to own personal property, etc. Many readers find the chronology of Beloved confusing, especially the details of the escape from Sweet Home, which unfold slowly, piece by piece. This structure can be interpreted in several ways. It reveals the importance of the oral tradition in African-American culture.

Readers are in the same position: Morrison gives us a few details, a glimmer of the story, and then the story slips away, out of focus, behind our backs. So we get the hint of an image, and then, several pages later, it returns, coming into clearer focus, but then it slips behind our backs again.

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It made him dizzy. At first he thought it was her spinning. Circling him the way she was circling the subject.

Round and round […. For readers, that initial image is too close. The speaker and the novel hold back the horror that can barely be spoken. Beloved is as much about how the story is told as what it is about. At the same time, Sethe and we must circle around the subject, returning obsessively to it again and again. Note the double meaning here. They might say that it is history too ugly to pass on to their neighbors, to their descendents.

But we can also read the line as a statement of how crucial it is that we do remember.

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone, including words with multiple meanings or language that is particularly fresh, engaging, or beautiful. Include Shakespeare as well as other authors.

Analyze a case in which grasping a point of view requires distinguishing what is directly stated in a text from what is really meant e. Each activity includes a specific text-based example that can be used to model for students or assist students with independent practice. Famously, the chapters and sections of Beloved are not titled or numbered. While reading with the class, it might be logistically helpful to assign chapter numbers so the class remains on the same page.

While students read, have them construct a chapter journal in which they name the chapters and sections based on themes and key plot points in the book. At the start of each class period, have a few students share their chapter titles and their reasoning for them.

Consider the following while naming chapters:. If desired, you can assign each student a particular theme the lasting effects of slavery, love, family, spirituality, the supernatural, memory, etc. What constitutes a community? Many characters deliver speeches or sermons throughout the novel. Based on one of the themes from the novel love, masculinity, memory of the past, the supernatural and haunting, the trauma of slavery, spirituality, community, etc.

The address of the house, , is missing the number three, just as Sethe is missing her third child. Toward the end of the book, I have my students read Psalm from the Bible and discover all of the connections. It blows their minds. Lyrically poignant, Beloved offers itself to rhetorical analysis. Sethe is laying in the grass, exhausted from running from the plantation as she is in labor with Denver. As she compares herself to a snake, Morrison uses alliteration of the letter s to give the scene an extra serpent-like sense.


The day after students read this chapter for homework, we take a close look at this scene. I have them identify the use of alliteration then discuss why Morrison incorporated it and how it is effective. Another activity I like to do with Beloved is chapter analysis in pairs. This activity would work well for any chapter, but I like to focus on chapters nineteen and twenty together, as they are rich with themes, motifs, symbols—you name it.

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Students should read the chapters you want to focus on prior to speed-date day. Before class, I make a long column of desks facing each other down the center of my room. Each pair of desks equals one speed-date. Spending seven minutes on each slide, students work with their date to complete the task. Students use their books for textual support and record their findings on each date.

Having a countdown timer visible helps to keep them on pace. In one class, I had an odd number of students so I partnered up two students as conjoined twins.