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Jamaican Proverbs

He will one day reward the efforts of the faithful. It is certain that, as in the old chinese proverb.

Jamaican Proverbs

The butcher would not have known where to find him if he had not opened his mouth to crow. We should choose our words with care, lest we, by our own tactlessness, cause ourselves unhappiness.

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Similarly, people do not become upset or agitated if they are comfortable. Jamaican Slang. Latest talk on the streets - da page ya sell off, memba mi tell yu!

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Jamaican Words. Words in everyday use - macca, foot bottom, ginnal. Jamaican Phrases.

Jamaican Proverbs 3 | Nature

Unique phrases that are extremely expressive - pop story gi mi! Many people think that a budget is just a means of dividing up their income across their expenses. They will often complain that their budgets don't work, whenever they run out of money to pay bills. However, a budget will always be right if you understand its purpose and follow the proper process.

If yuh wan good yuh nose haffi run -If you want good, your nose will have to run

The correct way to budget is to create a spending plan for an entire year, to find out how much you need to earn to maintain your lifestyle. A budget allows you to see if your income will be insufficient to meet your expenses, so that you can make adjustments to your earning or spending ahead of time.

If you record all the things that you need to spend on throughout the year, you will be able to judge how far your money can stretch. So, you will know that the vacation on the North Coast is not a good idea because you need to put aside those funds to pay for the car insurance or school fees.

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If you recognise that your reach is inadequate to cover your basic requirements, then you should look at ways of expanding your earning capacity. While it's smart to stretch yourself to improve your financial position, you also need to be practical about what you can afford to do right now.

Sometimes people will set ambitious earning objectives to meet all their needs and wants, and optimistically believe that their income wish will come true quickly. So they start to spend in line with their expectations before they actually begin to generate more income in a sustainable way. Let's say that you decided to join a direct marketing business to make some extra money to pay for music lessons for your child. However, it would not be prudent to enrol your child in the programme without first seeing how well the new business opportunity progresses over several months.

Being realistic about your reach can also prevent you from overextending yourself when making commitments to others. So, you don't need to feel guilty if you can no longer afford to host dinner for the holidays this year. Just be honest with yourself and others about your financial situation. If you imagine that a cap could really hold all the things you would like to buy, then you would probably select the deepest, widest one that you could find!

However, many people get into financial woes because they are not content with what they have and crave more possessions. Shopping excursions can be great retail therapy, but you need to be careful that your spending desires are not compromising your financial stability. Do you really need to buy another little black dress or brand name bag to add to your collection? Could your money be put to better use?