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Police have been accused of failing to find the culprits in such incidents. The Council of Religions wrote a letter to the Prime Minister in order to complain about threats made via social media following emergency relief efforts to help victims of the Berguitta cyclone. These threats were directed against certain ethnic and religious groups mainly Christian Creoles. The council called on the government to adopt tougher legislation to counter such acts. Bottles of fruit juice tainted with kerosene and insecticide were allegedly distributed among pilgrims during the Hindu Festival of Maha Shivaratri in Vandermeesh, Rose Hill and Phoenix.

There were no reports of casualties. Founded in as a Catholic aid organization for war refugees and recognized as a papal foundation since , ACN is dedicated to the service of Christians around the world, through information, prayer and action, wherever they are persecuted or oppressed or suffering material need. According to the U. Department of State, minimum wage law in the formal sector is effectively enforced. The legal workweek in the EOE is 45 hours. Outside of the EOE, employers cannot require workers to work over eight hours a day, six days a week.

However, inside the EOE compulsory overtime is not prohibited. Workers have the right to remove themselves from hazardous conditions. Department of State, the number of inspectors increased in but the number of inspections decreased and penalties were not always enough to act as a deterrent. The law prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, gender, disability, sexual orientation, HIV-positive status and the status of other communicable diseases, social status, religion, political opinion, and national origin, but the U.

Department of State has reported that these laws are not effectively enforced and that discrimination occurs in practice, especially occupational discrimination with respect to gender, race, disability, and HIV status. The law prohibits forced labor. However, imprisonment with compulsory prison labor is prescribed by the Merchant Shipping Act for seafarers who disobey an order or neglect a duty. Department of State reports that the government has not met the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, but that it is making significant efforts to do so.

The law sets the legal minimum working age at Children under 18 years old are prohibited from working in hazardous occupations. The U.

Secretary of State Pompeo delivers remarks on religious freedom – 06/21/2019

Department of State has reported that the government does not effectively enforce child labor laws and that child labor still occurs in the informal sector. Domestic and international human rights groups reportedly operate without government restriction. Department of State reports that rights to freedom of speech and press are not always respected by the government. The approximately 59, workers employed in the export oriented enterprises EOE are covered by all the national labor laws expect for laws pertaining to overtime. Mauritius scores a The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report ranks Mauritius at 43 out of and 22 out of for business costs of crime and violence and organized crime respectively.

One of the scandals led to the arrest of former Prime Minister Ramgoolam on allegations of money laundering and conspiracy. Department of State, corruption law is not implemented effectively and officials are able to engage in corrupt practices with impunity. Mauritius is scored in the high human development category, according to the UN Human Development Index, with a rank of 64 out of countries and a score of 0.

The country scores higher than the average for countries in the high human development group and for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mauritius has a low level of poverty, with only 0. When adjusted for inequality, the Human Development Index score falls to 0.

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Under Mauritian law, women have access to education, employment, housing, government services, and credit. They can inherit land and manage their own businesses. Sex and gender are both protected from discrimination under labor law. The law mandates equal pay for equal work as well. Department of State, in practice, however, women are paid less than men for similar work in the private sector.

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Fifty-one percent of women are in the labor force compared to 81 percent of men. Women and men have relatively similar education levels, with 50 percent of both women and men enrolled in secondary education and 43 percent and 35 percent of women and men enrolled in tertiary education respectively. Rape and domestic violence, are prohibited by law. However, according to the U.

Department of State, rape and domestic violence is widespread in Mauritius and the laws are not effectively enforced by the police or the judicial system. Spousal rape is also not explicitly criminalized. The law prohibits sexual harassment as well, but the government is ineffective in prohibiting it in practice and it has continued to be a problem.

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International Religious Freedom Report for 2018

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