Gender Swap Meteor (Gender Transformation Stories)

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  6. Harley sees a shooting star. Two of them touch the mysterious green rock and experience some gender-bending transformations that change their lives forever! A fun word story about female to fua AND male to female gender transformation. Like a lot of my stories, the sizes are a little crazy!

    Meteor: good practices with Model

    Mehr lesen Weniger lesen. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. In , Kenneth Weiss, now a professor emeritus of anthropology and genetics at Pennsylvania State University, noticed that there were about 12 percent more male skeletons than females reported at archaeological sites. This seemed odd, since the proportion of men to women should have been about half and half. After Weiss published about this male bias, research practices began to change.

    The ratio of male to female skeletons had balanced out. In part that might be because of better, more accurate ways of sexing skeletons.

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    It does not necessarily mean that the skeletons classified this way are, in fact, neither male nor female, but it does mean that there is no clear or easy way to tell the difference. For generations, the false perception that there are two distinct biological sexes has had many negative indirect effects.

    It has muddied historical archaeological records, and it has caused humiliation for athletes around the globe who are closely scrutinized. But instead of rooting out imposters, these tests just illustrated the complexity of human sex. It might be more convenient for the U. Some countries, such as Canada, and some states in the U.

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    In a world where it is apparently debatable whether anti-discrimination laws apply to sex or gender, it is a step in the wrong direction to be writing either one into law as a strictly binary phenomenon. These women are, like all of us, part of a sex spectrum, not a sex binary.

    The more we as a society recognize that, the less we will humiliate and unnecessarily scrutinize people—and the less discriminatory our world will be. So the fact that bone structure varies continuously, such that sometimes it is difficult to classify a skeleton as male or female, counts as evidence that sex is non-binary? That is equivalent to saying that sex is a spectrum because some women are taller than men.

    Read the entire article. Skeletal ambiguity was only an early indicator of possible non-binary sex. No argument with that. The text uses the skeletal studies more as metaphor than evidence. I should have been more precise.

    Meteor-san Strike desu!

    Why are you people even reading this website? Go back to Fox News, your right-wing conspiracy wonks, or your other fairy tale mongers. As an educated person you should be able to recognize bias in research. This article provides evidence for nothing outside of indiscriminate pelvis sizes.